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Our Story

Amidst a bustling city with cacophonies of noisy outdoors, there was a place,

Untouched by the clamour, the place swayed gently in the rhapsodic melodies of its own.

Keeping alive the ecstatic origins it sprouted from,

The tale of its timeless euphoria matured, evolved and ripened. 

Creating a garden of beauty, a sanctuary of style, 

a Bagechaa of expressions-of vibrance and fine-craftsmanship 

Curtaining a space from us to you

Welcome to Studio Bagechaa 

Nestled in the heart of South Delhi, we welcome you to curate your true self for every occasion. A celebration of soirée with colours, details and magnificence in its work.

Sticking to its values and services, each garment at Studio Bageecha is crafted adoring modern India.  

With years of experience and details, we curate occasions of a lifetime for each of our customers and give a customised service to what they cherish.

Studio Bagechaa - Woman 

Started as a celebration and reflection of the Indian woman and her myriad personalities. With each collection, we explored her sincerity to stay rooted and admired her strength to evolve. Along her odyssey, we grew in parallel to be more sophisticated in our aesthetic, more confident in our vestments and more cosmopolitan in our ambitions.

Studio Bagechaa - Man

An extension to his personality, a charm and the role model that he plays. The Studio Bageecha man is here to reckon with his style, demeanour and respect.

Vibrancy and details in our collection, communicate the details in his character.